Saturday, January 23, 2010


I haven't blogged in awhile... I think of that as a good thing. The primary purpose of this blog is for me to get my feelings out there. Well, feelings need let out!

This past week started off wonderful. Monday was a holiday... Tuesday I taught Yoga in the morning, we had got word from our boys saying they would be home as soon as 7 February (Nick's birthday!). Later in the day everything came crashing down. Adam K. Ginett "G", was KIA. Adam was a great friend of Nick and I's. Everybody who knew him loved him. I thought it would get easier as the week turned into the weekend and the wound wasn't so fresh. However, today has proved to be the hardest day yet.

Last night we went out to dinner at Adam's favorite place. After that we bar hopped to particular bars in pattern which G thought was best. Every bar triggered a specific memory I had with him. The first stop was were he taught me how to dance this past summer... the rest of the guys were saying we were crazy, dancing on the sidewalk like fools. It was so wonderful though. We just talked about life and plans for when he and Nick got back from deployment. That is probably my favorite memory of Adam. We danced so long my feet hurt the next day. The second stop of the night was a bar frequently referred to as the Bicycle bar because there are bikes hanging from the ceiling. On a totally different occasion than the dancing, I had been drinking Moscato wine at the first bar but once we got to the Bicycle bar they didn't have any. He brought me a glass of Prosecco... I held on to it for as long as I could before throwing it in the river. It was so gross! He was always making sure I had whatever I needed though... The last bar, Bonnie and Clyde's, was where we ended up after we had to take a detour to his house after starting the night off. I had worn shorts and I was just too cold! He gave me a pair of his EOD sweats to wear. I definitely was not making a fashion statement, but I didn't care! I didn't have anybody to impress...

I want Nick to be home so bad. I want to hold each other and remember together. He should be home in three weeks. I hope they don't screw around with getting him home. I'm ready for him to get the hell out of that shit hole.

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